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DVD / Blu-ray compendium: implant-supported restorations



Four teams – their concepts and solutions

Against the backdrop of new technologies, materials and methods, the implant-therapy concepts in recent years have greatly changed and improved. This development is promoted and accelerated by the close cooperation of specialists from different disciplines, which is a prerequisite for achieving quality treatment outcomes. The DVD / Blu-ray compendium implant prosthetics "Four teams – their concepts and solutions," which was presented at the 4th International CAMLOG Congress in early May 2012 in Lucerne, documents the team work in an impressive manner.

"Four teams – their concepts and solutions" is a film production, which was co-developed by CAMLOG, the Quintessence Publishing House and four outstanding, interdisciplinary teams of authors in a time period of two years of work. The four volumes of the compendium were produced in HD format and are characterized by their high quality and detailed and precise pictures taken from the clinical and laboratory areas.

  • Volume 1: Axel Kirsch, Karl-Ludwig Ackermann, Gerhard Neuendorff:
    3D planning and template-guided implant insertion in the edentulous jaw and in the partially edentulous jaw.
  • Volume 2: Arndt Happe, Andreas Nolte:
    Immediate placement and all-ceramic restoration in the anterior maxilla – a customized interdisciplinary treatment approach.
  • Volume 3: Stefan Wolfart, Volker Weber:
    Implant-supported removable restorations in the edentulous jaw.
  • Volume 4: Florian Beuer, Michael Stimmelmayr, Josef Schweiger:
    Innovative CAD/CAM treatment approaches for implant-supported fixed restorations.

The total playing time is about five hours. For information about availability and pricing please contact your local distributor.




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